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Meet Jordan Harry

About me. What can I tell you?

I am the Founder of StudyFast, and in the past few years, I have taught 3,000+ students and professionals from over 120 countries.

After a childhood speech impediment left me struggling to read throughout school, I learned strategies from world leading speed readers that dramatically enhanced my reading ability. I now read at 1,500 words per minute (7 times faster than the average reader) and now I help others unlock their potential to learn anything faster. I knew that spending hours reading books and watching seminars was not as effective as it could be. I had to come up with a way to empower not only myself but the lives of others.

You can read faster, and I will show you how.

Time is precious, waste it wisely

Average Reading and Comprehension Rates

Before StudyFast Training

Words per Minute



After StudyFast Training

Words per Minute



Why StudyFast is Different

There is no greater superpower than the ability to get through information quickly and to remember it. Therefore, we don’t just train you to read fast we also improve your memory and mindset.

There are lots of reading techniques out there such as:

  • Skimming – not reading every word.
  • Reducing subvocalisation – that voice in your head you’re using to read this.
  • Expanding peripheral vision – reading several words or even an entire page at a time by taking a mental snapshot.

While these methods are all effective, the long-term results vary considerably. Finishing your book in a day and remembering that information the next day is great, but remembering it a month later is a real game changer.

What Makes StudyFast so Powerful?


Speed read anything using The F.A.S.T. Strategy™


Memorise and deliver presentations without notes


Improve your note-taking skills


Improve your comprehension by activating certain areas of your brain


Instantly increase your reading speed by 200%


Remember more names


Free access to speed reading and memory web applications


Strategy to read a book a day

Learn Online or Face to Face

This online course helps you improve the four key elements of reading: mindset, memory, eye movement and speed. Imagine how many hours you can regain in your life when you double or triple your reading speed.

If you save just one hour per day for a year, that equals 365 hours and more than nine 40-hour work weeks!

The ability to read faster is a huge competitive advantage that can save you years of productivity while making life a whole lot easier.

The StudyFast workshop combines reading efficiency, memory and mindset to show you how to instantly implement the skills in academic and business life.

Researchers are starting to recognise that with learning, less is more.

Working with others is a great way to network and share ideas and you get to work with Jordan 1-2-1 to focus on any pain-points you have with learning the techniques.


As someone that is dyslexic and already struggles with reading I wanted to improve my reading to help me with University work, so I attended a StudyFast workshop. Within a week, improvements in my reading speed. I would love to thank Jordan on how he has opened my eyes up to the enjoyment of reading & most importantly increased my reading speed.

Sam Bragoli-Jones

Student, University of Bath

I attended Jordan’s class last autumn. It was a watershed moment in my academic life and completely revolutionized the way I address books and articles. I make use daily of Jordan’s tips and trick when reading academic research. This allows me to save a great amount of time that I am now investing in other research-related activities.

Riccardo Nucci

Lecturer, University of Bath

Jordan is very confident about what he teaches because he has done his research. He knows what he is talking about and it shows. The examples and exercises during the session showed me how easy it is to start making improvements in both my reading speed and level of comprehension. He is friendly and approachable in his teaching style. The workshop was well worth it.

Kevin Minors

PhD Student, Bermuda

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Time is precious, waste it wisely

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