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We work with students, teachers and employees

Our workshops improve memory, reading speed and ability to learn anything faster.

Memory Workshop

We introduce learners to memory training, reducing forgetfulness and exploring how they can apply memory techniques in the classroom or workplace.

Speed Reading Workshop

Once memory has been covered we will develop an understanding of speed reading and how the key pillars of reading (eye movement, habit formation and strategies) can be developed through a range of key methods and practical situations.

Online Course Support

We are big believers in independent learning, therefore learners will have access to both the Speed Reading and Memory Mastery online courses.

Key benefits of workshops

Increased reading speed

We will double learner’s reading speed, saving 9 working weeks each year. The truth is there is no such thing as a bad reader- just an untrained reader.

Speak with confidence

Studies have found that public speaking is the second most feared thing in the world. We will be able to train learners on memorising a script for a talk or sales pitch. 

Remember more names

Someone’s name is the best compliment you can give them. Being able to remember people from a meeting, networking event or classroom is a superpower.

Learn a new language

By using memory techniques learners will be able to learn that language they have always wanted faster. Additionally, learners will learn how to recall book notes.

Previous workshops


London – The Marketing Meetup. 

At this event, Jordan taught the top marketers in London how to remember key information about their clients to develop a relationship faster.

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Frequently asked questions

1. How many people can attendee a workshop?

A maximum of 10 people per workshop as this allows us to work with indivduals on their pain-points.

2. Do you run public workshops?

Occasionally, we partner with event organisers from time to time and will promote this across out socials.

3. How long are the workshops?

We can tailor workshops to your needs, ranging from one-hour to a full day workshop.

4. Who do you teach on these workshops?

We have worked with teachers, students, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and those with dyslexia. 

5. Is there funding available to work with you?

Depending on your location our team can help find and write a funding application for you to work with us.

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