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This workshop will help you and your team read faster, remember more and boost productivity. 

The development of speed reading, memory and note-taking will better prepare you and your team for their professional and personal growth.

We spend a lot more time reading and trying to remember things than we realise.

From articles to emails to new names, the information just keeps coming; especially in business and education.

Reading and memory is a skill just like any skill it can be strengthened and sharpened over time with the right training.

Key benefits of workshops

Increased reading speed

Many of us believe we are either a good or bad reader. The truth is there is no such thing as a bad reader- just an untrained reader.

Memorise a script

75% amount of people fear public speaking. Remembering what you need to talk about will remove the anxiety and allow you to give better talks.

Remember more names

You’ll be able to perform party tricks by remembering everyone’s name, mobile numbers and even bank details (caution using your superpower for that last one).

Learn a new language

By using memory techniques you will be able to learn that language you’ve always wanted to speak within only three months.

Previous workshops


HongKong – TopHotel WorldTour. 

Jordan was invited to Hong Kong to deliver a memory workshop on how to remember more names to some of the leaders in the hotel industry.


London – The Marketers Meetup. 

At this event, Jordan taught the top marketers in London how to remember key information about their clients to develop a relationship faster.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What's the average reading speed?

The average person reads at 250 words per minute.

2. Should you speed read everything?

No! When reading for enjoyment it is okay to slow down.

3. How fast can you read before comprehension suffers?

Studies have found that when people read over 1,500 words per minute comprehension ultimately suffers.

4. Can you read for hours on end?

Definitely not! When speed reading your eye muscles are working at a higher speed. So it is important you take breaks.

5. What qualifies you as a speed reader?

The baseline for a speed reader is a reading speed of 600 words per minute with a comprehension of 65%.

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