Why you should learn a new word a day

Your reading speed is limited by your vocabulary

Speed reading works in any language but is dependent on your comprehension of the language, therefore if your English grammar is limited your reading speed will be slowed down so you can comprehend the new word.

On the Speed Reading Mastery online course, I show you how your reading speed will vary depending on what you are reading.

For example, I have a comprehension of 80%+ when reading business books at a reading speed of over 1000+. However, if I was to read something about mathematics (which I got a C for in GSCEs) my reading speed would drastically drop to 600 words per minute to ensure my comprehension is 80%. 

Tip 1

Download the ‘Word of The Day app

I challenge you to use the ‘Word of the Day’ app but to also include the new word in a sentence every day. Caution with this challenge as you may get weird looks when you use the words such as extemporaneous (spoken without preparation).

Tip 2

Talk like Ted

You are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with. Thus, spending time with people who have a large vocabulary will have a positive effect on your vocabulary. The great thing about watching Ted Talks is you can listen to experts communicate a complex idea using simple and effective language.

Tip 3

Google it

If you don’t know a word that is used in a lecture, film or during a conversation ask the person what that word means or Google it. Yes, I understand you don’t want to look ‘dumb’ in front of others. The only way you learn anything is by leaving your ego at the door and asking good questions. A good question is always better than a good answer.

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