What if we could transform the way the world learns?

Imagine remembering everything you've ever read. Near impossible right? Maybe so, but we believe that everyone has the capacity to read faster whilst remembering more.

What our customers are saying…

“StudyFast has a refreshing personality who give some excellent tips on how to improve your reading speed and creating a productive habits.”

— Rikesh Patel, Risk Analyst at UBS 

“I always doubt myself, I need to change that bit by bit. To stop focusing on the things I can’t do and focus on the things I can do.” 

— Yvonne Brown, Director of International Client
Services Account Manager at UBS 

“I’ve learnt how to take notes. Actually writing what I’m hearing and being able to relate it to what I understand.”

— Lolade George, Associate Director Project Management at UBS 

What makes a good learner?

In education, you are taught what to learn but not how to learn. We believe that a good learner has several key skills and qualities. High reading proficiency. The capacity to remember and recall large amounts of information. And, most of all; having the confidence in their ability to learn anything faster.

These skills are not just about having natural talent though, it comes down to learning and practising the right techniques. Something traditional education isn’t doing so well, resulting in too many of us struggling along with poor reading and memory habits, often without even realising. With 16% of adults scoring at the lowest proficiency level for literacy, according to OECD, it’s clear there are problems in the way we are learning.

If you are someone who realises that to be successful, you need a solid foundation in reading and memory then we believe we can show you the tools you need to learn how to read faster, improve your memory and unlock your potential to achieve your learning goals.

Jordan Harry
CEO & Co-Founder
Oyinkro Kagabala
Head of Marketing & Co-Founder
Irisa Da Silva
Customer Engagement Manger
Jack Strachan
Head of Design
Reni Adebayo
Social Media Manager
Sam Bragoli-Jones
Samuel Akinwumi
Rhiannon Philips

Our online courses have been built around four core principles. The first being that they must help improve brain health. The second is that we will always looking to increase comprehension and understanding before reading speed. The third is to train your eye muscles and reading habits to read faster than ever before. And last but not least the fourth; how to apply the techniques in the classroom, office and every day life.

StudyFast is built on these four principles and as we continue to grow, to learn and to build a community of lifelong learners our co-founders Jordan and Oyinkro want you to make memory and speed reading training accessible to all. Because (and let’s be honest…), we’re all capable of being geniuses and we all deserve a chance to learn anything faster.

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