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On stage, Jordan is an engaging and dynamic speaker, providing insight on topics students and professionals truly care about.

Growing up in a predominately white environment Jordan wanted to change the narrative of what it meant to be a young black man.

Jordan wanted to show that being well-spoken and educated was cool.

From underachieving schools to corporate professionals Jordan is able to tailor a talk that will educate, entertain and motivate those in the audience.

Selected keynote topics

Speed reading

  • Breaking the habits holding your reading speed back
  • How to read a book a day
  • The benefits of speed reading
  • Why speed reading is a superpower


  • Being a 22-year-old black entrepreneur 
  • How I got 1 million views on my TEDx talk
  • Why doing the right thing is always the right thing

Memory training

  • Remember more names
  • Recall book notes
  • How to give a talk without a script
  • How to learn a new language faster
  • Learn a martial arts faster

Previous talks


Hong Kong –

Jordan was invited to Hong Kong to deliver a keynote on memory and how to remember more names to the leaders in the hotel industry.




London –
The Marketing Meet-up

At this event, Jordan shares how to use memory techniques to ensure customers remember you and the science behind building connections.


Educate, entertain and motivate your staff, students and employees.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What's the average reading speed?

The average person reads at 250 words per minute.

2. Should you speed read everything?

No! When reading for enjoyment it is okay to slow down.

3. How fast can you read before comprehension suffers?

Studies have found that when people read over 1,500 words per minute comprehension ultimately suffers.

4. Can you read for hours on end?

Definitely not! When speed reading your eye muscles are working at a higher speed. So it is important you take breaks.

5. What qualifies you as a speed reader?

The baseline for a speed reader is a reading speed of 600 words per minute with a comprehension of 65%.

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