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Speed Reading Mastery Online Course

On this online course you will become a speed reader who will be able to read more books than ever before, get through your inbox faster and remember more.


Speed Reading & Memory Mastery Online Course

Gain lifetime access to both the Speed Reading Mastery and Memory Mastery online courses which will take your ability to learn anything faster to the next level.


Memory Mastery Online Course

On this online course you will become a super learner who will be able to remember more names, long digits and the ability to learn a new language faster.



Corporate and Educational Training

If you’d like me and my team to come in and train your employees, students or teachers send me an email.

Online Mentorship

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One to one tailored online coaching with Jordan Harry that covers speed reading, memory and public speaking.

Test how fast you can read

Use this app to put your reading speed to the test using our dummy text or copy and paste your own (hint: the average reading speed is 250 words per minute).

Frequently asked questions

1. What's the average reading speed?

The average student reads at 250 words per minute (Love 2012).

2. Should you speed read everything?

No! When reading for enjoyment it is okay to slow down.

3. How fast can you read before comprehension suffers?

Studies have found that when people read over 1,500 words per minute comprehension ultimately suffers (Maloney 2009).

4. Can you read for hours on end?

Definitely not! When speed reading your eye muscles are working at a higher speed. So it is important you take breaks.

5. What qualifies you as a speed reader?

The baseline for a speed reader is a reading speed of 600 words per minute with a comprehension of 65% (Buzan 1971).

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