How to multiply your time using Trello

Find out how using a free software called Trello can save you time.

Time is one thing we can’t get more of, however much we might want it. With numerous distractions pulling us in all directions, getting everything done can seem an impossible challenge.

This is where using Trello can benefit you.


Working Smart VS Working Hard

Taking the time to organise your tasks on Trello can save you time in the future, by focusing your mind on the most important things you need to do.

It is all about being smart in your work, not working harder.

Don’t be that guy who used 100% of their effort to climb over a wall when there was a gate a few metres away.

It took him longer to reach the other side and he arrived much more tired and sweaty than necessary!

Planning your actions saves energy, saves time, and makes you much more productive.

Trello allows you to organise and prioritise tasks so it is clear what you need to do.

How does Trello work?

If you have all your jobs and commitments swirling around in your head, or on a long list of paper, they can seem never-ending.

With Trello you can get organised by listing tasks in columns of your choice.

Applying the four categories from Covey’s time management grid is believed to be the best way to organise your priorities.

This technique involves creating lists of ‘urgent and important’, down to ‘not urgent and not important’, to ensure the tasks which will produce the greatest results are completed.

Creating these columns on Trello for your tasks can help you manage your time most effectively.

Trello’s flexibility means you can easily move tasks around and between these categories, unlike on a piece of paper.

Instead of having unreadable scrawls all over a list when you make changes, with Trello you can move tasks and add to them without any mess!

On Trello you can also break down tasks into further checklists to see your progress.

If you have a task like ‘write up report’, it can seem quite daunting. But Trello enables you to create a checklist within the overall task to make it more manageable.

You can break it down to ‘research topic’, ‘write introduction’ and most importantly, ‘cake break’.

Collaborate with your team

Trello can also be useful for working effectively together in a team.

With team members able to access the boards and task lists, everyone can view what they need to do. Members can see the progress of certain tasks and set jobs for other people.

This can help the productivity of the team, not just individuals!

By taking the time to create your Trello board and checklists, your productivity should increase.

Seeing clearly what needs to be done, when things need to be completed by, and the progress of tasks can focus your mind on what’s important and allows you to maximise your time.

Being smart in your approach to tackling tasks will get things done much quicker than if you throw yourself in without a clear plan!

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