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Do you want to remember more names?

You hate that feeling when someone meets you and they remember your name and you’ve completely forgotten theirs.

Imagine if you could learn that language you’ve always wanted to speak, give talks without notes or simply remember more names.

For many people, they feel they have a bad memory because there was never a class called memory at school.

No one enjoys forgetting

We have all experienced the embarrassment of walking into a room and forgetting why you walked into the room in the first place.

It will feel great when you have a good memory and people constantly ask you ‘how do you remember so much?’.

By the end of the course, you will be known amongst your friends, colleagues and family as the person who never forgets things.

Things you need to know about memory

Most people don’t realise you can improve your memory.

Many of us believe we either have a good or bad memory.

The truth is there is no such thing as a bad memory- just an untrained memory.

Higher demands are placed on professionals and students to learn faster.

You want to be the person who never forgets anyone’s names, knows multiple languages and give flawless talks but you believe you have a bad memory and that’s holding you back, however, with the right training that can change.

Memory Mastery Course

This course will help you improve your memory by teaching you useful strategies to comprehend more when reading and real-world applications.

Whether you’re trying to remember what you just read, birthdays, to-dos and passwords this course will provide you with the best strategies for improving your everyday memory.

Don’t struggle through life with a bad memory – learn how to harness this incredible power!

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    24/7 access to me and the Private Mastermind on Facebook! Daily content on speed reading, learning strategies, memory training and much more to help you learn anything faster.
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    Lifetime access. Which includes online applications and book recommendations.
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    A Certified Memory Certificate. You can add this to your CV and LinkedIn.

What our customers say

Rhiannon - High School Teahcer

"So far the course has been an absolute gem! I love the fact that this is so applicable in the real world. A lot of us struggle to remember, and I think this is the perfect course to help. I can honestly say that some of the things that Jordan goes through in the course are actually helping me right now.

Everyday my long-term memory is improving and my comprehension is increasing as well. Thank you Jordan for bringing together this wonderful course and wish you the very best!"

Simon - HR Manager

"This course is BRILLIANT. Easy to follow, easy to understand, it makes sense, and I've already learnt so much about how memory works. Really actionable, great stuff!"

George - Undergraduate Student

"This is a fantastic course. Jordan explains each aspect in a relatable way, using real life examples. He sets the scene well, indicating the work you need to put in the achieve an optimal outcome. The tasteful hints of humour and visualisation make it 10x easier to get through. 

I would happily recommend this course, especially as an undergraduate student, it has made remembering academic readings a whole lot easier and more interesting! Thanks Jordan, your story inspired me.."

Beyond being a memory expert

Your average day won’t be the same as you will look to become 1% better each day, constantly looking to hack new skills and finish tasks faster than those around you.

Once you become a memory expert people will not understand how you manage do so much with your time.

And what I encourage you to do is share your new skill with those around you as you will become a source of inspiration.

Something once taught is twice learned.

Jordan harry


About the Instructor

TEDx Speaker (1.3M+Views) | Mixed Martial Artist| Public Speaker

I am a memory and speed reading coach, and in the past few years, I have taught over 15,000 people from 147 countries speed reading, memory and public speaking.

When I was 10 I had a speech impediment which left me struggling with speaking in public and reading.

I now read seven times faster than the average reader (1,500 words per minute), the CEO at StudyFast and an international public speaker.

My mission is to make speed reading and memory training accessible to all.

Featured in the BBC, TED, Virgin StartUp and Metro.

1-Year Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected for 1-year by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't improve your everyday memory after completing the course just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund- no questions asked.

How long does the course take?

You can go through the course in one day or spread it out across one month.

It won’t be easy - but if you put the work, you are guaranteed to succeed.

What you'll get inside

  • - Debunk Memory Myths
  • - Why we Forget
  • - Different Types of Memory
  • - How to Remember More Names
  • - Learning a new Language Faster
  • - Techniques to Recall Book Notes
  • - Mastering a Martial Art
  • - Secrets to Learning a Script
    - Remembering Numbers

If you have a visual or learning disability don't feel like speed reading is impossible... it isn't! 

Please contact me before enrolling in the course, so I can work with you to ensure your utmost success.

I hope you get everything you expect, and more, from the course.

- Jordan Harry

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