The importance of a morning routine

Why you should wake up early

What are the benefits of a daily routine? We give three reasons why you should get up earlier…

Too many of us wake up at the last minute, and usually after hitting the snooze button a few times! It can then be a rush to get out the door on time so you can start your morning.

However, this is not ideal preparation for a productive and fulfilling day. The benefits of waking up earlier and having a good morning routine in place are hardly new ideas, but you may not realise just how significant an impact it can have on your whole day.

Not only does it give you time to accomplish some extra tasks, these ‘small victories’ can make you more productive and positive in the hours that follow. It also means you can complete tasks when your willpower is at its highest, so you again get more done.

Now no one is saying you need to get up at 4am! But getting up a little bit earlier each day and creating a morning routine that is tailored to your strengths will be much more beneficial than those extra minutes dozing in bed, however tempting they may be!

You can be more productive

We understand that not everyone is a morning person. However, getting into a regular routine where you accomplish some tasks at the start of the day is good preparation for the hours to come.

Whether you send an email, work out, or even just make your bed, these small wins set you up to achieve bigger goals later on.

Tackling these challenges, big or small, helps prepare people to take on whatever confronts them next. Success breeds success. Therefore, ‘winning’ at making your bed in the morning can lead you on to ‘winning’ more significant tasks throughout the rest of the day and make you work more productively.

It puts you in a positive mindset

As well as making you more productive and putting you in a better mindset to accomplish your tasks, having a good morning routine can also make you more positive!

Being in a rush (and probably forgetting something) isn’t really going to put you in a good mood. You may arrive at your destination flustered and with your mind all over the place, so the last thing you want to do is get down to some work.

However, if you’ve got into a morning routine where you accomplish something (even if it is just making the bed), you are likely to be calmer and in a more positive frame of mind to tackle whatever the day throws at you. You can work with the knowledge that, whatever else you do, you have already done one productive thing!

And if you have a truly awful day, at least you can come back to a nicely made bed ready to start again tomorrow!

Take advantage of when your willpower is strongest

Some may disagree but, for many people, their willpower is strongest at the start of the day. As the day progresses, many people lose motivation to do tasks, which can mean they procrastinate more and give in to food cravings.

Getting into a routine of tackling the biggest and most challenging tasks earlier on in the day will often result in greater productivity and better quality work, compared to leaving it all until later on in the afternoon for example.

So, if the morning is when your willpower is strongest, it’s important to take advantage of this and tick some things off that to-do list!

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