How to remember names

Find out why you forget names and how you can change that today

Have you ever said ‘I remember your name but not your face’?

Of course, you haven’t.

Forgetting someone’s name is common and it happens for a number of reasons.

  1. You lack motivation

When you meet someone briefly the motivation to remember that name contributes to whether you’ll remember their name. If I gave you £500 to remember the name of the next person you meet I guarantee you’ll remember it.

  1. 6-second window

Your brain is efficient and as a result, doesn’t store information that isn’t valuable. As a result, your short-term memory gives you six seconds window to store a piece of information before it removes it.

  1. Your mindset

If you keep telling yourself that you’re bad at remembering names… well, guess what the next person you meet, you’ll forget their name. This is because your brain is a supercomputer and the self-talk you use daily is the program it runs.

Tip 3

Google it


As mentioned, if your self-talk is negative you’ll see negative results. Start by telling yourself your good at remembering people’s names and begin to use the following techniques to make it a habit.

Tip 2

Associate the name with something else


When you meet someone called Henry instantly associate Henry with ‘Henry the hoover’. Our training has found that association works great for three reasons. Firstly, because you have more than one memory hook to recall the name. Secondly, the use of the red hoover is a great visual image for your brain to remember. Finally, because you’ve taken action to encode that information you hack the 6-second window.

Tip 3

Say the name often


Saying someone’s name is the biggest compliment you can give them. Not only that but when you purposely use their name whilst talking to them you keep it in the front of your mind.

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