How to read a book a day

80/20 principle.

If someone asked if you could read a book a day, you may think absolutely not! Perhaps if you started at 5 am and finished at 11 pm you might manage it. However, reading a book a day doesn’t need to be such a painful task. By following these tips, you’ll be able to read quickly but most importantly, still take in the information.

Of course, these tips apply for when you need to read a book for school, university, or work and not so much when you’re reading for pleasure! When you realise you haven’t read that book you need to discuss the next day, these tips can help you.

Read the covers

There is text on the covers for a reason and it isn’t for decoration! The text on the front and back covers show you, the reader, what the book is about and sets out the direction the book will take. If you have an idea of what the author is aiming to say before you even open the book, you will find these next tips easier to do as you already have some understanding of the information.

Look at the contents

The contents aren’t there just to add an extra page or two to the book, they too serve a purpose! By looking at the contents, you can identify which sections are the most important. 80% of a book’s value is found in 20% of its pages, so use the contents to find that valuable 20%!

Make a note of which chapters stick out to you and apply these next three points to them.

Skim the pages

Spending about 10 seconds per page, skim the pages you’ve marked as important. Look for key sub-headings and diagrams that seem significant and relevant. Don’t worry about digesting all the information fully; that comes later.

Scan the pages you’ve just skimmed

Once you’ve skimmed through the page(s), go back and scan through them. Spend about 30 seconds per page to pick out the keywords and figures and familiarise yourself further with the content.

In the time you have looked through the information twice, a normal reader may not have even finished the page!

Time to speed read!

Once you’ve skimmed and scanned, speed reading is the final thing to do. Using whatever speed reading method you prefer, you will be able to read faster and with a greater comprehension rate as you are already so familiar with the content. Because you know what’s coming up and already have the key information in your mind, speed reading through the book will be quick and easy!

Looking over the pages several times may seem the opposite thing to do when wanting to read quicker. However, by following these tips it will take overall less time to read a book, and you won’t lose any understanding. You may even understand more than if you read it through line by line!

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