Find out when you do your best work: Discover your chronotype

Work when you are at your best.

Everyone has their own chronotype, or natural biological rhythm, which determines their optimum time for doing things. Some people have no trouble working out, doing the washing, putting the bins out and being ready to start work by 8 am. Others, however, struggle to have even woken up by then. These people aren’t lazy though. They will just do these tasks at a different time.

A test by Dr Breus can help you determine what your individual biological rhythm is, and so helps you discover when you do your best work. He uses animals to identify the different chronotypes based on your behavioural traits. So what animal are you?

Are you a bear?

If you nap throughout the day then this could be you! When bears wake up it takes them a couple of hours to be fully alert and get into their rhythm. Because, of this, their best work may come around mid-morning.

Bears operate according to the solar cycle, so their natural body rhythm adjusts according to when the sun rises and sets. Therefore, in the winter when days are shorter and there’s less light, bears may struggle.

Do you relate to a dolphin?

Dolphins may try to go to bed fairly early, but often struggle to get to sleep. When the animal sleeps, half of its brain is active to guard against predators. Although this group of people (hopefully!) don’t have to worry about being eaten by sharks, they often wake up throughout the night which can make them irritable.

They are also often intelligent and perfectionists. They think ahead about what they need to do or have yet to do, which can make them worry and become anxious.

Do you hunt at night like a wolf?

Wolves do their best work by themselves and generally don’t feel the need to work in a team. They may be introverts and are often ‘creative types’ like artists.

Wolves also stay up late, often past midnight, and it’s at night that they get their best work done. Because they stay up late, food is often more of a priority for wolves in the morning. So, if you wake up immediately craving a fry-up or croissants, then you may be a wolf.

Or is a lion more your style?

Lions seem to be what everyone aspires to as they are the go-getters who wake up early (but also go to bed early). Lions are those who do their work-outs and chores as soon as they wake up.

Their will-power is highest in the morning, so they work and study best then. However, throughout the day their will-power decreases, which may cause their work to suffer.

Although some of these animals seem better than others, there is no ‘correct’ one that immediately leads to success and a ‘wrong’ one that leads to failure. What you should do is determine which traits you have and try to work with them. Don’t try to fight them, use them to get the best out of yourself.

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