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  • How to be a better public speaker Three tips to improve your public speaking Do you get nervous whenever you need to speak in public? Do you want to be a better public speaker? If so, you’re not alone! Standing
  • Why you should use your opposite hand The benefits of using your non-dominant hand Unless you’re lucky enough to be ambidextrous, the chances are you use one hand to do everything. Whether you’re right or left-handed, many of us get
  • How to recall long numbers How to remember numbers using the Major System Memorising a string of numbers can seem difficult. You may get the first 4 or 5, or maybe even more, but beyond that it’s often a struggle.
  • How to remember book notes The trick to remembering what you read Isn’t it annoying how we can remember countless things that have no real use and yet we struggle to remember things we read that are important for exams
  • Modes of thinking What is the difference between focused and diffused modes of thinking? Thinking is something we do all day, every day. Whether it’s working out an especially difficult problem, planning what you’re going to order from the takeaway
  • How to learn a language faster 7 key ways to help you learn a new language Getting to grips with a new language can be challenging and time-consuming, but if you commit and are fully focused on learning it, you
  • How to memorise lines and scripts 5 top tips for memorising lines Most of us at some point will need to memorise lines or learn scripts. Whilst some people take to this naturally and even seem to enjoy it, others
  • Myths about memory and learning What are some of the most common myths about memory? You may have already decided whether you have a good memory or a bad memory. But the truth is, memories can’t be divided in this
  • Different types of memory What are the main types of memory and how can we improve them? How do we remember? We look at the types of memory that help us learn different things… Memory can be both a frustrating
  • The importance of a morning routine Why you should wake up early What are the benefits of a daily routine? We give three reasons why you should get up earlier… Too many of us wake up at the last minute,
  • A speed reader shares three tricks to help anyone read faster Guest blog from TED. By spotting and changing a few bad habits, you can easily increase your reading speed without missing out on detail, says Jordan Harry. This post
  • How to read a book a day 80/20 principle. If someone asked if you could read a book a day, you may think absolutely not! Perhaps if you started at 5 am and finished at 11 pm you might manage