Why You Should Give Value When you give for reasons other than hoping to receive something, you start winning the long game.   When was the last time you gave or did something without expecting anything in return?  Giving doesn’t
5 Things Holding Your Reading Speed Back These five habits can be hard to kick, but the pay-off when you do is invaluable.   Reading faster isn’t like flicking a switch that suddenly means you can read at twice the
How to multiply your time using Trello Find out how using a free software called Trello can save you time. Time is one thing we can’t get more of, however much we might want it. With numerous distractions pulling us
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How to remember names Find out why you forget names and how you can change that today Have you ever said ‘I remember your name but not your face’? Of course, you haven’t. Forgetting someone’s name is common and I
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5 Reasons why reading before bed improves sleep Learn how reading can improve your quality of sleep and more   Did you know bookworms get the best sleep? This may not be strictly true, however, there is a lot of
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Why you should learn a new word a day Your reading speed is limited by your vocabulary Speed reading works in any language but is dependent on your comprehension of the language, therefore if your English grammar is limited your