The Science

StudyFast spent nearly 2 years in stealth mode to perfect our reading methodology before we introduced our teachings and technology to the world. 

Our founder Jordan Harry grew up with a severe speech impediment which set his reading speed back three years. Whilst at university he began working with memorisation World Champions, Americas leading speed reader Abby Beale and Clive Lewis who owns the #1 professional development company in the UK. Whilst also learning productivity hacks from the world’s leading personal development and life coaches.

As a result, he can now read at 1,500 words per minute (7 times faster than the average reader) and has created a unique program that has taught 1,000+ students from over 100 countries.

Why we’re different

There is no greater superpower than the ability to get through information quickly and to remember it. Therefore, we don’t just train you to read fast we also improve your memory and mindset.

There are lots of reading techniques out there such as skimming (not reading every word), avoiding sub-vocalisation (talking to yourself while reading), and enlarging the peripheral span (reading several words or even an entire page at a time by taking a mental snapshot). While these methods can be effective, finishing your book in a day and remembering that information the next day or a month later are two different things.

The StudyFast teachings expand beyond speed reading and focus on managing information overload by changing the way students and professionals manage information.

Our speed reading training is unique because we combine workshops, web applications and the online course to teach you how to manage information overload by becoming an effective and efficient reader.

Frequently asked questions

1. What's the average reading speed?

The average student reads at 250 words per minute (Love 2012).

2. Should you speed read everything?

No! When reading for enjoyment it is okay to slow down.

3. How fast can you read before comprehension suffers?

Studies have found that when people read over 1,500 words per minute comprehension ultimately suffers (Maloney 2009).

4. Can you read for hours on end?

Definitely not! When speed reading your eye muscles are working at a higher speed. So it is important you take breaks.

5. What qualifies you as a speed reader?

The baseline for a speed reader is a reading speed of 600 words per minute with a comprehension of 65% (Buzan 1971).

Meet The StudyFast Team

Jordan Harry

Jordan Harry

Founder and CEO

Jordan grew up with a speech impediment which set his reading speed back three years. Now he is the founder of StudyFast.

Jack Strachan

Jack Strachan

User Experience Design Specialist

I believe user experience design can be used as a tool to enable meaningful experiences in brands, products and services – physical or digital.

Sam Burrough

Sam Burrough

Digital Consultant

Sam is the tech wizard and residental expert in anything with instructional design and the online learning for the courses.

Timothy Oluwole

Timothy Oluwole

Application Developer

Tim is the genius who has brought to life our speed reading applications and continues to innovate how we read faster.

Holly Lloyd

Holly Lloyd

Marketing Specialist

Holly is the method beyond the madness when it comes to the speed reading material and marketing communication.

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